Removable prostheses

Aragoneses CPD, manufactures any type of removable prostheses, using different dental materials. As materials may show different characteristics, the optimal selection is the one that better match the individual requirements.

Just-elastic® partial and skeletal

Valplast®,is the dental material used in these cases. It is an injectable Nylon thermoplastic product that, among its properties, shows flexibility, unbreakable and translucent, making it ideal for these solutions. On top of these benefits, metal hooks can be eliminated in some cases, by injecting the material at the skeletal ends, helping to mimic the structure into the mouth, and provides patients with a smooth feeling and also a more comfortable approach.

Acrylic partial and full dentures

Partial and complete dentures are the most commonly used in rehabilitation of patient affected by edentulism. These prostheses are mucosal-lining supported hence the highest quality and health authority approved dental materials are required.

Our technicians recommend

Aragoneses CPD manufactures these prostheses using acrylic material branded as Kiero. qIt is a thermal acrylate polymer that gets higher strength than photo acrylate ones. These thermal acrylates show excellent mechanical properties, are cadmium free and a have a very good color stability. They are compliant with the Spanish norms and regulation.


Alternates option for removable prostheses are the skeletal ones.

Our technicians recommend

The acrylic material selected by Aragoneses CPD is branded as Kiero. It is also used on partial and complete dentures but, in this case, as robustness is less relevant, our dental prostheses technicians get the acrylate using a self-curing polymerization process.

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