Prosthetics on implants

In the Aragoneses CPD laboratory we manufacture any type of prosthesis on dental implants, whatever the class or the measures of the same. Our team of prosthetists is highly qualified in the design of structures to offer the best solutions to dental clinics and their patients.

The metallic structures of the prostheses on dental implants, unless the prescription indicates otherwise, we design them with a CAD / CAM system.

Prosthesis on metal-ceramic implants

Of the different types of dental restorations on implants, the most common and used is the placement of prostheses on implants of metal-ceramic teeth. At Aragoneses CPD we combine digital and artisan workflow in these types of pieces to offer you the best results.

Our technicians recommend

Ceramco 3®, a complete metal-ceramic system, designed with leading  Dentsply. They use a robust and manageable dental porcelain, with a high melting temperature that allows obtaining teeth with a natural and aesthetic finish.

Just Zirconia® implant prostheses®

These teeth are constructed using translucent zirconia, also known as zirconia. This highly biocompatible material is considered the most resistant zirconia for monolithic pieces on the market. In addition, it is a robust material with a high degree of hardness, outperforming metal-ceramic restorations or other types of dental material.

Our technicians recommend

Cercon Ceram Kiss® of Dentsply, a specific and exclusive ceramic coating material for use in dental pieces made of zirconia.

Hybrid prostheses and overdentures

Hybrid prostheses are prostheses made of acrylic that are fixedly placed in the mouth with the help of dental implants. The overdenture is a type of removable prosthesis that is placed on the implants thanks to a fixation system that allows the patient to extract it whenever they want.

Our technicians recommend

For acrylic finished restorations of hybrids and overdentures, we opted for Unidesa Odi, as it provides both acrylic materials and prefabricated artificial teeth.

For the other pieces, we opted for SINELDENT in case they are metallic or for Carbocad distributed by Arinter.

Our team is available to advise you all year round