Soft material prostheses

The fixed, implant and removable dental prostheses that we manufacture in Aragoneses CPD do not have to be supported on traditionally used metals. These metals are not 100% biocompatible, which can lead to discomfort for end users.

At Aragoneses CPD we invest in resources to find the best products on the dental market that provide biological compatibility, quality, durability and excellent aesthetic characteristics to end-user prostheses.

Just Zirconia®

Just Zirconia® prostheses are made with zirconia, a 100% biocompatible material considered the most resistant on the market for monolithic parts. This characteristic gives Just zirconia® prostheses great aesthetics.


Metal-free prostheses made of E-Max® from Ivoclar Vivadent provide highly aesthetic results. This ceramic coating material is specific and exclusive for coatings on lithium di-silicate structures.


This composite type material manufactured by GC allows high quality restorations and can be used as a coating for metal structures, dental caps, veneers and any type of inlay thanks to its versatility and flexibility.

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