Fixed prosthesis

 At the Aragoneses CPD laboratory we manufacture any type of fixed prosthesis with conventional metal structures: Sintered Cobalt Chrome, Milled Cobalt Chrome and Cast Cobalt Chrome.

The metallic structures of fixed metal-ceramic prostheses (unless otherwise specified in the prescription) are designed with CAD/CAM


Dentsply y SINELDENT

For fixed prostheses or on metal-ceramic implants, we recommend Dentsply y SINELDENT products.

Finesse All-ceramic

In those cases of prosthetic restorations that require a more natural tooth wear, we opt for Finesse All-ceramic which, because of its low melting temperature, shows wear similar to that of natural teeth.

Ceramco 3®

In common restorations we use Ceramco 3®, from Dentsply, a complete porcelain-fused-to-metal system that has been designed to offer exceptional thermal stability handling and excellent esthetic properties.

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